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Moratorium Badge circa 1970

Political polarities

Becoming very personal.

The spectre of conscription &

A shrinking world

Sparks debate – often heated.

Kent State University*, another hemisphere?

A world away once, a shared pain now.

Julie McKenzie,

Julie in the middle – about 18 months after this memory.

Moratorium badge proudly worn

On NHS uniform

Brings cheers from many.

First in our year

To hit the streets.

Notes & Extra:

* Kent State University was the site where 4 students were killed and 9 others injured when the Ohio National Guards opened fire on them during an anti-war demonstration. A tragic irony – the war ┬áto liberate the Vietnamese and gift them democracy began to fought on a second front, the domestic front, where the battle was to limit expressions of democracy. And “democratic” leaders seemed blind to the irony.

Neil Young wrote this song very soon after what has been called the Kent State Massacre …

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