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I’m pulling on the boots again

For the school

Less intense, less serious

More fun

Than Saturday club games.

The team balances

Between “jokers” and “jocks”

Fun seekers and crash-tacklers

And in the end

The fun-lovers dominate.

Enjoying every moment

Far more compelling than

The satisfaction of outscoring

Opposition schools.


Here is the team ( I think the photographer asked us to snarl):

My attempt at identification – with help from Paul Darr & Colleen Deane:

Back Row (l to r):  Peter Nicholls; Malcolm Carter; (?) Talbot; Andrew New; Dieter Shrumph

Middle Row: Graham Collins; Kim Reison (? spelling); Max Cowan; Tim Armstrong; Paul Darr; Ross Hogan

Front Row: Kim Anderson; John (pubes) Ridgeway; Mr Ellem; Rob New; Col Gillespie

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