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Mum & Roger (circa 1954)

Mum & Roger (circa 1954)

Hey! Mum’s crying. We’d better … !

Tears rarely interrupt the stoic,

But when they do …

We are more conditioned to

Loud laughter livening parties

Or frustration driving a flailing “iron cord”.

But tears!! No way! Worlds melt.

Amidst our raggle-taggle chaos,


Bold italics, strong fun.

And so,

Our worlds’ heartbeat.*


* Not only for us boys but almost everyone I meet from the region has been taught by Mum or is related to someone taught by Mum. As a primary school teacher she seems to have had an immensely positive impact on those who found themselves in her classroom. Primary & infants teaching is perhaps one of the most under-appreciated and under-paid roles in our society … yet it is also one of the most important. Much the same as being a Mum … so weren’t me, Steve, Pete, & Phil exceptionally fortunate?

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Mum’s coming home

Excitement, relief, trepidation

The 6 kids and

Myself hosting my secret tenant (almost)

With 2 busy fathers as guardians

Has been tense and taxing.


She’ll be home

(with gifts – a stack of vinyl for me).


Return to being “us”.


She will know what I’ve been up to!!!


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Sitting together,

Patterns, textures complex.

Watching TV.

At the football,

Riding on trains.

Click, click, click!!

A comforting sound


Speaks of home

And imminent warmth, when

Rapidly, but carefully, cast stitches

Rapidly become

New jumpers, cardigans

Patterns complex colour & texture.

Knitting needle percussion


Beats out the rhythm of the

World’s Best …






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Mum just finishing apple display.

Polishing, placing - the apple display took time.

Customer: A pound of apples, please.

Mum reaches for apples not displayed.

No! The one’s on show.

Mum: These are the same apples!

Customer: I want these ones.

Debate continues. Temperature rises.



Roger: Phyllis, go home!


The apple display was pivotal – an individual shine for each single apple and each perfectly placed has a sensational effect. Each individual apple looks even fresher, crispier when beautifully placed amongst equally shiny and crispy colleagues.

I guess that’s why they say: One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.

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