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I’m taking along brother Phil, turning 10.


With mates.

Traveling light – it’s Summer.


Moore Park. Kippax Lake.

Kippax Lake – the lake in the middle of Moore Park

Big group, includes …  “Rosie McCann”

We split for Saturday Night entertainment.

Some have tickets for comedian, Marty Feldman.

The rest of us … ferry to Manly,


The Return of Count Yorga, Vampire.

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Long day ahead.

A day of:

– Distances, walking,

– Bickering, smacks,

– Lollies, sideshows,

– Bearded ladies, amazement.

– Getting lost, … and found,

– Odour, ardour.

– Brahman bulls, Merinos,

Brahmans, Merinos ... Odour & Ardour.

– Giant pumpkins.

– Pearl-divers.

– Human Cannonball, Rocket Man,

Rocket Man ... what a thrill. Or was it Bond, James Bond

Train home,

Tired, testy, weighed down

With bags of samples* and selfishness …

“That’s mine!! Leave it! Muuuum.”

Amazing Mum!!


* Now they are “Show Bags” – but then they were “Sample Bags” and contained samples of products from manufacturers.

Below is a map of the RAS Showground at Moore Park. It was a labyrinth, a wonderful place to explore nooks and crannies that held delightful surprises, confronting sights of country life, the bright colours & lively sounds of the dark “carneys” or simple dead-ends.

RAS Showground at Moore Park ... before it became Fox Studios, well before! This map is from 1935 but it gives the general picture of how it was right up until the Show moved to Homebush.

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