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Teak frame

Tapered teak legs with brass socks & feet, supporting

A small screen.

Entry into other worlds & worlds of others.

One of those:

The Ponderosa.

Cartwright’s world.

A contrast, puzzling to me:

Through the window of teak-framed screen, Cartwrights were trouble-breakers.

Through the eyes of Roger, Cartwright*: trouble-maker.


* The Late Merv Cartwright was the Secretary of the Football Club. He is considered a legendary figure in the history of Rugby League in the Penrith District.

Roger, a young greenhorn, being left posted and having to confront players with news about an inability to pay them (click here), was the start (I think) of a pattern & history of interactions & behaviours that would develop over the decades. It should be noted that the shortfall in funds (as far as I was, or am now, aware) was due to nothing more sinister than a management failing.

This Short Memory offers no opinion on those or subsequent events – except that they were significant enough for this primary-schooler to take notice and remember.

In later years I had a few conversations with Merv and I found him an entertaining and affable character. I never worked with him. I did play football against his son, Cliff. He played the same position as me and I found him a good opponent – competitive, fair and not inclined to dirty play. I also enjoyed friendly relations with John, another of Merv’s sons.

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Ice-cream man, greengrocer,

encyclopaedia salesman**, teacher, footy coach & player.

Volunteer football club treasurer.


Undermined, left posted – can’t pay players.***

Dedicated to the game, the club & lover of challenge

Drive the irresistible step

From helping hand to a lifelong focus.

An irresistible step with a forceful, pivotal impact on …  ????


* In case you missed or forgot about who Roge is? Take a look here … Short Memory #12 – Yes … but who is Roger

** Memories on this one are there and yet to be excavated – they will come a little later.

*** This Short Memory is strictly not a memory, I know. But I do remember the “vibe” surrounding dramas within the footy club.   This particular drama – Roger, a volunteer, being left posted with empty coffers and players to be paid – reverberates and echoes across time and space.

A “Sliding Doors” moment: in some parallel universe, the players were paid and Roger is now retired after turning the education system on its head.

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