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School breaks,

Before final exams.

It’s the study vacation!!


The vacation bit is noted.

Last school day

A cloud of flour,
A drench of water,
A crack of eggs.

Invading other schools, like

Penrith Highwhen it was truly selective!!!*

If only I could recall some specifics.

Somebody help!!!

Note & Extra:

* I’m not sure when Penrith High School officially became a selective school (based on entry exam) but well before that – according to the alumni illuminati – it was “truly” selective.

Arguably the most apt school-leavers song ever written had been in the charts only a year earlier – it still spoke directly to us.

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No.1 Guildford Rd, Kingswood, NSW, Australia.


Distance between neighbours, big skies, dirt road, suburban bush.

The writer in front yard of 1 Guildford Rd

Space for urchins, fun, adventures, injury, trouble, mischief.

Mum, Roge, Me, Steve, then Pete, and then Phil.

What a time we had. Memories for digging. Myths for making. Let’s ride that billycart, bro!

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