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With Uncle Bob

Peugeot heads South, into Victoria

Destinations:Uncle Bob– stationed at Puckapunyal.

Uncle Alan– in Melbourne.

Trip’s purpose:

– visiting Uncles


– giving Mum a “2-boy break” for a couple of weeks.

With Uncle Alan


As far away (for as long) as we’d ever been.

No pining, No whining.

Nana & Poppy – distract, entertain, amuse.

Nana & Poppy kept us amused, entertained - happy times together.

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Peugeot 404 Wagon - I think Pop loved his Peugeot.

Steve and I in the back seat.

The Peugeot packed with traveling stuff.

Driving to Melbourne with Gosford-Nana* & Pop*.

Friendly wave at a passing car.

“Who was that pop?’

“Another Peugeot driver.”

And again.

And another.

He has so many friends on the road. It is somehow comforting.


* Grandparents – well our Nana’s – were identified by location – there was:

Gosford-Nana & Pop (Poppie): (Mum’s parents).

Camden-Nana & Norm: (Roger’s parents).

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