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Close to midnight arrive home

After afternoon shift

Hands coppered green (despite gloves)

Smelling of metal, metallic mouth.

Wash it all away & feel brand new.

Onto the porch,

River & plains stretching below night sky.

Everyone’s asleep.

Sit, watch, listen

Melt into the night.

The silence, solitude, tranquility

Touched with beautiful melancholy.


This wasn’t written back then but expresses the feeling of those nights after finishing work at Crane Enfield. The song was written by Jimmy Webb but this instrumental version from Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden is the one for me.


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Bronze Medallion & Bronze Cross achievement

Raises confidence.

Christmas holidays at Copacabana*.

Most daylight moments

In water

Or on sand.

On the beach also

Twin girls

Attract my eye.

We talk.

Cheergirls with Canterbury Bulldogs.

I try to join them often

While avoiding, evading

Watchful, prying, teasing brothers.




That’s Copacabana on the NSW Central Coast not in Rio de Janeiro






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