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Mathematics class: not entertaining.

Maths teachers similar – unless exceptional.

Ours is Mrs Donnelan.

She’s OK, nice enough lady, except:

I don’t think she likes Maths.
I’m sure she thinks little of our class.
And even less of the school.

At times it is sad how sad she looks.


Mrs Donnelan looks happy here in this class photo from 1st Year (or Year 7 as it is now called).

Nepean High School – Class 1A – 1968

Here are the names as I see them but would be glad to get some help:

Back Row (l to r): ?, Carolyn Bootle; Enda Humphries; Anita Anderson; Cheryl Hextall (?); Beverly Holmes; Margaret Osborne; Jenny Herdon; Christine Hinson.

3rd Row: Stephen Jolley; Peter Herrmann; Peter Nicholls; Stephen Abbott; Willy Roberts; Max Cowan; Garry Cockle; Rodney Megarrity

2nd Row: Greg Jackson; Graham Collins; ?; Jeanette Ross; Jenny Hawes; Gaila Ide; Wayne Chew; Howard Bell; Mrs Donnelan

Front Row: Robert New; Mark Hogan; Jonathon Cord; Paul Lukins; Peter Campbell; Paul Leathers; Andrew Wilmot; Kim Budd

Many thanks to Paul Darr & Garry Cockle for helping me cover up my memory exposed.

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A mathematical primer:

Orange (10) to White (1) matches

Black (7) plus Pink (4) equals Green plus Yellow.

Permutations abound.

But none so pleasing as …

The Cuisinenaire Castle.

Wooden rods colourfully layered – orange base to singular white apex.

Three Cuisenaire Castles of Kindy – bombarded, shattered.

That’s fun!

Rods lost.

Cane found – swoosh – hits hand.

A Little Extra.

I don’t think I was listening to Hendrix at the time of this incident … but when I recalled it,  a Hendrix song floated by …

“And so castles made of sand melts into the sea, eventually”

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