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No props, no lights, no stage.

Costumes – minimal, black.

The dark Scottish play

At its darkest, starkest.

Only language, voice, movement.


Wicked sisters’ plot to meet again, and

We are witnesses,

Contracted & committed

To the fateful chain it invokes.

Accomplices riveted to end.

Engagement broken only

By rapturous applause.


This performance of Macbeth was from The Nimrod Theatre Company. It is perhaps one of my favourite memories of High School. One of the reasons it is a favourite is that the venue (in my mind) contributed to the impact of the production. This is a big problem though – I remember this performance as being held in the Crypt of St Mary’s Cathedral … and the trusted colleagues with whom I’ve discussed this memory – Garry Cockle, Jenny Hawes, Ruth Totenhofer – all remember the performance being held at The Nimrod Theatre.

When the hurly burly’s done, I guess I have to concede … my memory is flawed. But it is my memory.

My “dream” venue for a production of Macbeth – the Crypt of St Mary’s Cathedral

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Despite successfully negotiating

Through successive years,

The Nepean High English Department

Maintains its belief that a text is unread

Unless it is read aloud … in class.

Makes sense for Macbeth.

Our first taste of Shakespeare.

Language obscure & unfamiliar

Our voices stumble, stutter.

Helped along by tension, mystery, murder, evil.


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