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Bush life suits him

Sleepily basks in warm morning sun

Or keeping trim

Running mountain fire-trails

And taking a swim in the river.

He keeps snakes away and

Isolation loneliness at bay.

Friend, companion & protector for us all

He pays special attention to …


Lucky knows how to get along!!

Basking in the warm morning sun.

Soul mates basking in the warm morning sun.

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You’ve seen him before (Short Memory #133) but I had to put him in again.

Lucky always wanders the neighbourhood

Being missing is not unusual

… but its been days!!

Frantic searches. Fruitless.

We are despairing, mourning his loss.

Then …

He’s home!!

Scampering around

Leaving trails of  stinking, rancid grease

In every room.

He’s dripping after nearly drowning

Trapped in Club’s grease trap.

Saved … relieved.


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