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From Sydney’s deep West ¬†…

The Easybeats - as I first experienced them - on TV.

Flashy dance moves in pointy boots and stove-pipe pants.  Impish & rebellious characters Рfast & fashionable. Mop tops and Beatle jackets.

A manic scream, a driving beat, audience goes wild.

“She’s so fine, you know I wish she were mine.”

Australian music was changing.

I moved with it.

Notes & Extra:

* I knew I would be putting something in about The Easybeats at some time. I thought it might be good here for 2 reasons:

– the huge impact they had on Australian music and
– secondly because some friends of mine (Chris Keeble & Scott McRae) have developed, written and are about to tour a show called Stevie, The Life & Music of Stevie Wright & The Easybeats.

The show launches soon – Feb 4th – at Panthers (another giant force in my personal history). Then tours. If you get a chance go and see it – you’ll find all the information at the website – www.stevieshow.com.au .

And this may help decide if it’s for you:

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