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Back-room extension*.


One wall – all bookshelf.

Books in order –

Dewey method?



Old journal, leather spine & corners

The Books of Books looked something like this.

Board covers & edging, marbled.

Page 1: The bookshelf map,

Sectioned in topics, categories.

Book titles neatly hand-written.

My favourite book:

The heavy marbled hand-written catalogue that is:

“The Cowan Book of Books”.

Note & Extra:

* The “library” extension was at the 1 Guildford Rd home. It was a great room.

This song came out about at roughly the same time and was part of another project in collecting and cataloguing.

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Spur-of-the-moment after-school attendance at story-time. Easy – library directly across from school.

The Library was brand new - irresistible.

Problem: no-one knows I’m storybound.

Expected home … 4-ish

Story time ends … 4-ish!

7 y.o. – no clear options –  walk it is. Roughly 2 miles.

Night falling – mum frantic.

Small silhouette calmly strolling, swinging satchel. Relief.

The Path Home. A = Home; B = School; C = Library; D = Mum sees me

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