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Sitting, waiting at the El Alamein I felt at home.

Sitting at the El Alamein

I like this place

Where I’m waiting for

Arrival of classmates – English excursion,

The Metro Theatre, Kings Cross

The Metro Theatre, Kings Cross.*

An “old” man sits down.

Acknowledgement –  nod, smile,

Prompts invitation

In language confronting

To join him … for his enjoyment.

Meekly: “I’m only a schoolboy!”.

Classmates arrive! On time!


* I can’t recall why Ms Purcell & Mr Young had arranged for a visit to this theatre. They were intent on opening our eyes and minds and took every chance to place us in a more urban, vibrant context. Conversations (some 40 years after the event) with Jenny, Ruth, & Garry suggest it may have been Man of La Mancha. I’m not sure. I think Hair! was performed in this theatre but that was a few years earlier than this event.

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