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Bill Joyner writes:


Dipped into the box of sacred objects,

For my original tree-house gang knife,

Out of Bill Joyner’s box of sacred objects – the knife that united the treehouse gang.

Kershaw & Elliot** did the deal.

They were bought in bulk, about eight I think,

With money raised by collecting bottles

And “gathering” copper wire,

Which we sold to the scrappie on the highway.


* With Bill Joyner supplying this image and also some extra information, I thought we should revisit Memory #38. I’ve altered his words slightly to accommodate my 50-word rule. There will be more on this – Bill has some great memories.

** Kershaw & Elliot – Peter Kershaw & Ian Elliot. They are in the back row of the class photo – Ian is 5th from the left and Peter next to Ian (6th from left). Bill is in the 2nd row, 2nd from the left. Bill also gave me a couple of extra names.

Click the photo and it will open the Short Memory (#70)  that has the names.

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