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Dark figure.

Hunched over, shuffling,

Perpetually pushing

Big-wheeled barrow.


by Raymond de Berquelle. from Powerhouse Museum Collection

Sparks curiosity

About biography, family,

Life, connections,



What is in the trolley he pushes?

Day after day,

Year following year,

For decades.

Raises fear,

Of shadows, difference, disconnection, anger.

Pricks conscience, awareness, empathy.

Without eulogy, he disappears.


* Charles Pickett has written two sensitive pieces on this enduring figure in Sydney street-life history. They are located in Powerhouse Museum’s blog, Inside the Collection. He was known as The Trolley Man, his name: Josef Cindric.

His first article is called The Trolley Man immortalised. Much of this article deals with the fascination held by Sydney artist Richard Goodwin. One of his works is The Inhabitant.

The second article is called The Trolley Man Part 2. This one holds the history of Josef Cindric.

The image of The Trolley Man is by Raymond de Berquelle and is in the Powerhouse Museum Collection

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