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Long legs striding deliberately

Across the quadrangle

Attracts attention.

His glassy glare shifts

As he paces.

It’s frantic.



He is known for – Histrionics.)

The strider, Ian Stevenson*.

Black armband shows

It’s grief driving the random path

No purpose, excepting exposing,

His loss?

The world’s loss:

Jimi Hendrix.

Note & Extra:

* Ian was a couple of years older and was considered quite outlandish. His dress sense would probably have been more suited to Carnaby St, London than HIgh Street, Penrith. His green suit drew particular attention. For some reason, that I never knew, his nickname was “Scab”. (Thank you, Merril Worrad,  for further lighting up my memory of Ian.)

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Saving lunch money, pocket money

Money from odd jobs.

Back to Fletchers,

Album collection expansion.

Electric Ladyland

Double album, 4 sides of vinyl

Of sounds completely new.

It’s on the stereo.

“Is that the record you just bought?
That’s not music, it’s noise.”

The Experience,

Beyond my experience

… and parents’ comprehension.


The catalyst for choosing this album was the very accessible and powerful cover of the Bob Dylan song. Here it is …





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