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This was the boat, wasn't the day - the people here are (l-r) cousins Jenny, Jeffrey, Susan, Auntie Clare, Phil

This is the boat, not the day – the people here are (l-r) Cousins Jenny, Jeffrey, Susan, Auntie Clare, Phil.

Along Nepean River

The jet-boat progress slow

Water-line high on hull,

Family, friends, supplies – fuel & food.

Riverbank beach base found, claimed.


Day camp set up – it’s still early.

Friction, flash, fuel, flames

Leap high, burn to water-line.

Boat gone

Skiing finished.

“You should’ve seen it, flames to the sky”*


* This is a family memory … I wasn’t there on the day but it is a story told time after time.

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Water-skiiing …

Family sporting interest

Engaging us all – together.

Enjoyment increases along with skills.

We’ve all “dropped a ski”.*

And a new boat is delivered

Inboard motor,

No propellor,

Water sucked up from below,

Pushed out back for propulsion.

Jet Boat.

We don’t name it, just work it –

Weekend after weekend.


* “Drop a ski” – the transition from skiing on 2 skis to using only a single ski. Basically you start on 2 skis with one of them quite loose, once you have your balance you lift your foot out of the “loose” ski and place it in the foothold at the rear of the other ski … and a ski has been dropped.

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