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Challenge out, news spreads, the crowd gathers behind church.


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Baying for action – if not blood.

My opponent – a name forgotten.

Shaped up in classic Queensbury,

Then rolled around in not-so-classic Greco-Roman.

Home with ripped shirt, dirt smears, blood stains (his).

Badges of honour? courage? skill? … or waywardness?

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Circle of children standing akimbo, foot touching foot.

Tennis ball bounced in circle centre.

Bouncing diminishes to a roll,

Passing through legs – “IT” is chosen.

The game begins: SCATTER …

From the menacing throw.


Another game where tears flowed.

But uniforms only soiled (the mark of the ball) – rarely ripped.


* It was difficult to find anything online about this game. But I did find a version being played in a Malaysian High School. There the game was called Bola Chop and some of the descriptions about the intention of the game are spot on – eg

Throw the tennis ball at someone, really hard, with the intention of inflicting pain.


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Cocky Laura.*

Back playground, Penrith Primary.

Time: Lunch.

20, 30 or more line up at one side.

One IN! Cocky – in centre.

“1,2,3 Cocky Laura” – everyone charges to the other side.

Cocky … catches runners before they reach, they join Cocky tackling runners.

Winner: Last person brought down.

Losers: Mum’s: damaged clothes … & children!

Note & extras:

* The game was known by plenty of other names – most commonly British Bulldog. It was eventually deemed too dangerous but (in Britain at least) there was a move to allow its return.  The attempt is an interesting insight into the difficulties of find the balance between a “nanny state” and reasonable risk.  The Return of British Bulldog.

And of course the title of this post is Cat Steven’s

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Overnight spike in population of dopes, daredevils, dummies, and sadists.

Letterboxes detonated, animals blasted, kids injured.

Common dare: holding an exploding twopenny bunger.

An explosive destroyer of letterboxes – with a young hand wrapped around  the blast!!!

Bonfire nights – BANNED! No wonder.

My protective friends, The Fates, kept my hands intact.

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