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Roger’s motto:┬áchallenge belief.

A favourite argument starter:

“You are only a figment of my imagination.”

The skeptic’s game begins …

It’s fun.

Ends in frustration.

Rene Descartes - French Mathematician, Philosopher - who had the insight: cogito ergo sum - I think therefore I am.

Favourite response:

“I am imagining some bloke called Roger,
who is telling me I am a figment of his imagination.
I am real, he isn’t.”

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I reclaim a galleon plundered by drunken pirates,

Brawl with brutish cowboys cruelly mistreating cute indian girls.

Fight through enemy lines – a brave foot soldier with no rank – ┬ácaptured, tortured – eventually escaping to win the day.

A few hours “alone”, and I save the world!

Hero … but anonymous and humble.


When they returned home perhaps I was all ready for bed – instead of a battle, maybe Roger broke into song for me:

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From the back on the right – the Laundry.

Two cement tubs, boiler & mangle, “agitating” pole, packets of soapflakes, bleach bottles.

This is not - but could be - my mum!

Clothes soak, bubble in soapy broth, stirred with pole, then squeezed through wringing rollers.

In that steamy, pungent, cauldron cave, I often imagined an arm, my arm, rolled – mangled.

Get out of there, Steve!!!

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