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Family holiday destination

The Gold Coast.

Long drive, car towing boat.

Mum, Roger, 4 brothers & friends.

Doesn’t fit.

Our proposition: we’ll hitchhike!!*

Proposition eventually accepted,

We plan route, strategy.

3-man “hitching” group, impractical.

Group to split.

A single & a pair.

Lone hiker changing at

Designated rendezvous points & times.



* By “we” here I mean me and the two friends I had coming along – Greg Totman & Paul Smith.

Hitch-hiking from Penrith to Gold Coast – 900km (560 miles)

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A new game in the caravan park

The Treasure Hunt.

Search for hidden coins

The caravan, the site

The car,

A shiny new “zac”.

Lifting out car seats,

The treasure* …

Ha’pennies, pennies, trays, zacs or bobs.

Two bob – the pinnacle.

The meaning of the treasure

Hidden by adult game-makers

And lost on carefree kids.


* Pre-decimals. Ha’penny (halfpenny); penny; tray= threepence; zac=sixpence; bob=shilling; two bob=2 shillings.

While we’re talking about currency. Only a few years after this the following ad was running in Australia, educating us about the big change that was to happen on 14th February 1966.

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Caravan park nights

Belong to family

No TV, no radio.

Just each other.

We play, talk, argue, joke,

Comfortable silences connect us.

We invent …

A new board game.

“Around Australia”

Move around Australia answering questions

About location characteristics.

We design, research & create a prototype.

Should’ve sent it to John Sands!








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School’s  finished.

The caravan is hooked up,

We’re off, heading North.


Port Macquarie.

Fights for window seats.

The universal question:

“Are we nearly there, yet.” 

Travel games.

What’s the capital of …

Name the rivers …

Whose flag is …

BP Pick-a-Box* on wheels.

Happy times ahead.

Camped by the Hastings.


* BP Pick-A-Box was a TV quiz show, sponsored by BP. Bob Dyer was the hosted, ably assisted by his wife Dolly. This clip has Bob Dyer baiting Barry Jones who was a celebrated regular contestant on the show. Barry Jones would later be elected to teh Australian Parliament.

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