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Traffic streams north,

Almost a jam.

Car veers sharply

Suddenly brakes.

Our lift?

We jump in.

Wheels spin, back into traffic.

Shirtless driver speaks – drawls

Between swigs

Flagon between thighs.

Offered, declined.

Turns right – sideroad east.

Uh Oh!


Stunned, fearful silence lasts 500m.

Shout: “Wrong way!”

“Sorry boys, clean forgot about yas.”

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Driver drops us

At Evans Head turn-off.

Last sunrays fire the sky.

Our thumbs out & hopes up.

… momentarily.

Start a roadside campfire

For light & warmth.

On the banks of the Richmond River at Woodburn, we set up “camp”.

Greg opens his bag,

Pyjamas!! – crispy freshly pressed & folded.

Toothbrush, toothpaste.

Methodically, meticulously, prepares for bed.*

Speechless (and pyjama-less),

I keep trying for a lift.


* While this came as a surprise at the time, it should not have – Greg Totman is one of the nicest blokes you could meet, and one of the most fastidious. Well, I have not seen him in decades, so he may not be either of those now – but I suspect he retains both these qualities.

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Late afternoon, shadows extend

Day darkening quickly.

Greg and I on roadside

Finger calmly points our destination &

Pleads for a ride.

Frustration & imminent night

Suspends sense. Raises suspense.

Roadside “hikers’ point” morphs into

Road centre distressed desparate’s dance.

Flailing arms, jumping & shouting.


Crazy long-hairs – who’ll stop??

Then … someone did!!


* This Short Memory is connected to yesterdays … up until this moment, our journey had been uneventful.

** Modern Txt Language, unavailable back in the day, is great for a 50 word limitation.

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Family holiday destination

The Gold Coast.

Long drive, car towing boat.

Mum, Roger, 4 brothers & friends.

Doesn’t fit.

Our proposition: we’ll hitchhike!!*

Proposition eventually accepted,

We plan route, strategy.

3-man “hitching” group, impractical.

Group to split.

A single & a pair.

Lone hiker changing at

Designated rendezvous points & times.



* By “we” here I mean me and the two friends I had coming along – Greg Totman & Paul Smith.

Hitch-hiking from Penrith to Gold Coast – 900km (560 miles)

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The challenge of teenage transport.

Local area is big

From Warragamba to Warrimoo;  Castlereagh to Cambridge Park.

Walking, cycling – distances prohibitive.

Too young to drive

Public transport spasmodic, non-existant

Parental transport ok … sometimes.

Sometimes unavailable, sometimes undesirable!

Only real independent transportation

Romanticising, imagining 

On The Road adventure:


Mum frowns.


* This song reminds me of hitch-hiking around the Penrith/Blue Mountains/Warragamba region. I think I must have sung it while pointing the finger towards my destination … I don’t think I ever used (or ever saw used) a thumb to “thumb a ride”, it was always the index finger.

What about Al “Blind Owl” Wilson’s voice … and the harp playing from “The Bear”.

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