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Glenbrook Theatre

Small cinema, small Blue Mountains village.

Unprecedented crowds in

Numbers & character.

No seats, bring cushions,

Cinema floor fills with

Young people relaxed, colourfully robed,

Atmosphere aromatic, communal, sharing.

We are here, now, together

Absorbing 3 hours of sound & vision

Hoping for our piece of 3 Days of Peace & Music.



There’s so much extra I could put in here but I can recall being unexpectedly stunned by the opening performance.

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Between The Beatles of 1964 and 1967

A chasm defined by parental questioning.

During Australian tour 1964:

“Why are they screaming?”

By  1967 – Strawberry Fields:

“You wouldn’t want to look like them, would you?

Beatle suits, boots & mop-tops were one thing … this was entirely different.

More judgement than question

Anxious to please …

My head shakes but
My heart throbs.

“Between the emotion and the response falls …”





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