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A few days before Uluru

Between Three Ways & Alice Springs,

Conquering the Marble with Craig Bale – unsure of identity of person seated maybe Graham Caverley.

The bus stops,

We wander in and out of

Gigantic granite rocks,

Precariously poised, balanced.

Devil’s Marbles.

Climbing granite boulders

Not quite the achievement of ascending

The massive sandstone rock formation.

I fail the Rock but I conquer the Marble.


The group who occupied the back seat of the bus. I am pretty sure this photo was taken at Camooweal.

L to R: Michael Bale; Jon Trevena; Graham Caverley; Craig Bale; Stephen Cowan (on verandah); John Welch; Arpad Rapsach

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Nepean River rail bridge.

Nepean River Railway Bridge

Climb out and down – from tracks to pylon. Sit. Wait. Water below.

A lo-o-o-ong way below.

Steam train comin’. Water spurting. Hot. Scalding.

Easy choice … except all vertical space is a barrier.

Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance.*


Jump. Scream. Splash.

A lot of air betwixt track and splash.

* Train in the Distance from Paul Simon’s 1983 album  Hearts and Bones .

(listen to Train in the Distance here)

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