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Returning from Katoomba

After playing against Katoomba High.

An unscheduled stop

At Woodford

A busfull of boys

Surge into the store.

Teachers powerless

Shopkeeper horrified.

Boys fly out,

Loading the bus, laughing.

Pockets  bulging.

Her [shopkeeper’s] haunted silence

Saddened eyes

Piercing mine.

This time innocent …

But burning an everlasting guilt.




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Being in the village primary school

A sense of trespass & guilt smothers

The electric thrill from

Anticipating the break-in.

The lions are roaring in distance

A police patrol car scouts the area.


We’ve entered without breaking

… well, only our sensibilities,

Maybe it awoke them.

An escapade, never before mentioned.

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I wore my badge with pride.

To do and serve.

To do and serve - it was clear to me who I had to serve.

An early test.

Hidden in school’s S-W corner, cricket nets.

Lunchtime game.

Tension between two players*,

A scuffle, punches thrown.

Blood spilled.

Headmaster Smith: “What happened, Max?”

“Hit by the ball, Sir.”**

My duty was to do and serve …




* This event probably has no place in anyone else’s memory … but I cannot remember who the combatants were, I would love somoene to remind me.

** To this day I don’t know whether this was a “good lie” or a “bad lie”. Was it the right or wrong thing to do?  I was in a position of being squeezed by differing guilts, no escaping – which is why it has been captured by my sieve-like memory.

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