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The house at 138 Station St

Comfortable, plenty of room

But is bulging

With the burgeoning family.

Four boys with expanding needs

For space and privacy.

Parents encouraging visits from all our friends.

(At least they know where we are!)

Means a vibrant house full,

Activities overlap,

Spaces trespassed,

Territories clash.

Solution needed.

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Club football* successful

The team strengthening.

Winning many games by many points.

Like everything else,

It’s changing. More serious.

I ask Peter** about his running style.
I run to break the shoulder of anyone trying to tackle me!
Thankfully, I’m not tackling Peter.


Kid’s game shifts – to adult sport.


* Football … well, Rugby League. Would have written Rugby League … but that is 2 words and I needed only 1.

** Peter – Peter Cameron, an exceptional athlete and long time friend. You might recall Peter from The Treehouse Gang with it’s headquarters behind Cameron’s bakery. If you haven’t or want a reminder see the following Short Memories:  #38 The Treehouse Gang and #157 The Treehouse Gang Revisited and #159. Fence alight, gang-member falls … . In #159 there is a class photo and you’ll find Peter sitting at the far right of the 2nd row from the front.

Peter Cameron, the Cameron family, and their bakery were pivotal influence for the entire period covered these Short Memories of mine – I think it would be the same for many in that area at that time.




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