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It is nearing full-time.

Grand Final.

After leading,

After being the best all season.

We’re 1 point behind.

The 1966 G-grade team. See below* for the names that I can recall and a story from the PRLFC Journal.



My hands go up, props support.

Second-rowers link.

Scrum packs.

I whimper.

Opposition hooker:

“Yeah cry ya big sook, we’re the champions. SUCKED IN!!”

H-grade: Penrith vs Riverstone, Windsor Oval.

Toughen up!!!


* Here’s the names of those in the photograph that I think I can remember (would be grateful if anyone can help me):

Standing (l to r): Mick Harpley; ??; Max Cowan; Paul Bardon; Jon Trevena; Graham Leggett; John Loughnan(?)
Kneeling (l to r): Ian McDonald; Steve Cameron; Kenny Marshall; Greg Mobbs (?); ??; ??.

* The last paragraph in the story below is about the what I have remembered above. I have said H grade above  – though we may well have played G-grade for a couple of years running, I think many of us did. Other interesting points in the story are: Bruce Cameron scoring 4 tries for C-grade (Bruce is from the Cameron’s Bakery family); and a player in the E-grade scoring 2 “spectacular” tries – Des Hasler was his name. And, of course the 2 gentleman pictured … Teddy Cullen & Jim McGoogan are legends in the history of te club.

Page from May 1966 Journal of the Penrith Rugby League Football Club

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18 September 1965.

Sydney Cricket Ground – St George v South Sydney.

Grand Final*.

The stairwell at rear of the Sydney Showground Grandstand was packed.

Graham Percy guardian & guide – again.

Saints going for 10th premiership,

But beaten twice by Souths during year.

Great Expectations.

Ground overflowed**, all vantage points filled – roofs, inside fence, Showground.

Police moving roof sitters incurred loud disapproval. They concede.

Saints win! … Again.

People found spots on the grandstand roofs and inside the fence.


* The Dragons won (12-8) and stretched their record to 10 consecutive premierships.

** The official attendance was 78,056 – the biggest sporting crowd Sydney had ever experienced. This did not include the people watching from vantage points outside the SCG (like the Showground) nor those who climbed onto the stand roofs. The number of people I have met who claim to have been at that game would suggest a much much higher crowd.

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Early spring, early morning – just sunrise.

Train boarded, tracks rattle.


Graham* – today’s guardian – guides us.

Through chaotic paths of chaotic people.

Through Central’s cavernous echoing hall.

Through the cavernous echoing main hall of Central Station

Downstairs onto Eddy Avenue.

Green buses lined up headed for the SCG.

The bus of the times.

Grand Final – expectations high.

Early arrival hopefully converts into good seats.


* Graham Percy, from No. 28 Guildford Rd, older brother of my friend, Philip. We met the Percy’s back in 7. A Scary Eyeful

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