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Conceding growing maturity

Of the school AND

The student body.

Senior students* allocated

A common room.

Undergoing functional flexibility

It quickly becomes

Change room for

Senior boys football and

Senior girls hockey,


Frowns of form masters indicate

Genders “stripping down” together

Does not constitute maturity.

Common room becomes UNcommon.


* The room may have been a Prefect’s Room rather than a Senior Students Common Room. I can’t recall.









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Strong identification with footballing exploits

Of Bill Cosby*.

What fun if we could emulate

Temple Nut Squad antics.

Katoomba kicks off,

A NHS teammates gathers, runs

Wrong direction

Singing:  Woop-woop-woop-woop

Sounding like Curly from The 3 Stooges.

All agog, stunned.

We crack up, then settle down & play.

Coach Ellem leaves, disgusted.


This is Bill Cosby talking about his footballing days with Temple University.


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We are wearing the jerseys with the white band across the middle. From left to right is: Paul Bardon, Max Cowan,  Steve Cameron, Greg Mobbs, Mick Harpley (bending)

“I just like ’em rolled down,
Dunno why.”

Not good footy etiquette

And being practical

Socks “up” would hold shinpads

To protect shins from

Kicking, raking, & threshing

Of hookers and props

In scrums that are contests.

I don’t like shinpads, either!

Coach & parents reluctantly sigh:

“Just win the scrums, Max.”

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Penrith Panthers v Wentworthville Magpies.

Ringrose Park, Wenty’s home.

Roger* played, Mum watched.

We played too.

Kicking; catching; tip; tackle.

And that irresistible magnet to footballs and kids – drains.

Our footballs always seemed to end up in these. Magnetism!


And out we climbed.

We played, now watched by

The maternal referee – loud voice and threatening penalties – keeping us “in bounds” .


* This was in the era when the Penrith Panthers played in blue & white. Roger mainly played centre or wing.

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