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Metal sprigs on football boots.

Another captivating sound,

And the composer is me

Walking a footpath.

Metal sprigs on a hard cement surface

Ring & chime, clink & crack

(Surface change, tone shift)

The rapid fire rhythm

Multiplying, echoing, repeating

With changing pace, altering gait,

A teammate striding alongside.

An instrument,

Silenced by moulders of football boots.

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Friday ritual

Football boot preparation

Clean, polish, shine.

Thick white cotton tape wrapped ankles & bridges.

Respectful of the game, teammates, opposition.

Shiny black boots laced with thick white cotton tape

Extra lengths wrapped around ankles & bridges.

Ready for fields dusty … or muddy.

A ritual loved.

Contrasting school shoes

Scuffed by kicking the can

And reluctance to polish.

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