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Three kids beneath Werrington Creek railway crossing.

Rail Across Werrington Creek

Pennies on the track – flattened.

What about a brick? Let’s try!

Half-brick placed on track. Trio hides. Wait.

Passenger train punctures horizon east. Clicketty-click. Louder. Clicketty-click.

Heart thumps. Jump. Run. Grab. Toss. Brick splashed not smashed.

Passengers passed safely. What if they didn’t?

What if they didn’t?
A Bit Extra:
This is the third entry related to trains or train tracks – it could lead you to the conclusion that the railway is a vital element of the history and psyche of most Penrith residents. Even if you don’t come to that conclusion, how’s about another train song ..
One of my favourite train songs comes from fabulous The Velvet Underground album of 1970 – Loaded – the song:  Train Round The Bend.

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