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Early start

Embers still glowing

Wildlife still.

Steve and I, going fishing.

Out into the bay.

Our generous guide Matt Booth.

The haul starts.


We haul, Matt unhooks our prey &

Re-baits our hooks.

He doesn’t toss in his own line.

We show off our brace.

Big smiles all round.

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Home is where the caravan is …

Caravan park, Home,

Beach to East

River to North

Metal grey rocks of breakwater

Where fishermen (and us) perch patiently.

My favourite moment …

Love the ice being delivered

Ice delivery

Old truck stacked with big crystal blocks

Metal pincers dig and scar

Ice-man strong, fluid lifts,

Totes, then delivers.

Pincer grip slips, Ice slivers fly.

A better look at the ice pincers.

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