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I couldn’t raise my hand.

Fear, embarrassment?

Doorless dunnies?

Just couldn’t

I waited, wiggled, jiggled until

No longer bearable.

Rush out, down the stairs

Across the quadrangle.

Made it,

Aaahhh! Relief.

Look down.

Arrgggh! Didn’t really make it.

Wash. Looks worse!


No-one ridicules me (Except myself).

Well … not to my face.

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The road with a spooky spot for me.

A road often travelled

Richmond Rd*

Heading to football games,

A picnic at Cattai,

Helping on the ice-cream run.

At a specific place every trip.

Sensing danger – I shiver, imagining:

We stop. Roger climbs the fence.
Into the bush to visit someone. 
Never to return.**

Fear irrational?

From where?



* I think this road is now called The Northern Rd. My memory has it as Richmond Rd running from Kingswood Station to Richmond.

** My thought was that Roger was going to visit his grandmother on his father’side.

I haven’t been past this spot often in the last few decades but each time I have that same sense of something lurking. It is not a fear, really – more like an uneasiness. There is no obvious reason for this, maybe I dreamt an incident and this looked like the place in the dream. I wish I knew.

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Boys – home together.

Bedtime missed.

Lights out, TV on.

Small screen shows

Man in plane in storm.*

Looks out, looks anxious, closes curtain.

Man in a plane in a storm. Looking out, looking anxious.

Peeks. Terrified.

He sees, others don’t, gremlin on the wing.

Curtain opens, pressing the window

(and TV screen)

Gremlin’s face!

We shriek, streak chaotically – dervishes whirling.



* The show we were watching on this particular night was an episode from The Twilight Zone. The episode was called Nightmare at 20,000 Feet and starred William Shatner. 

Who could forget the compelling opening sequence to The Twilight Zone – this is the one I remember.

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We wanted to play Rugby League, tackling lessons needed.

Roger – Nepean High teacher – trained a school team.

NHS Teachers 1964 - Roger is back row 4th from left.

Steve & I joined training.

Roger’s team (17-18 y.o.) would run at me (9) and Steve (6).

Our job:

Ready to play??

– Hit ’em hard.

– Around the ankles.

– Bring them down.

– No Fear!!

“They can’t run without legs.”

Loved those times.

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