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Oft-told dinner tale

Steve’s Teacher, in class:

“Stephen, your family story is wonderful but …
Who is this Roger you keep talking about?

Stephen’s reflex response, sublime:

“He’s the bloke that drives the car.”

Roger the Chauffeur.

Far easier concept than

Roger the Dad

(Or young boy calling his Dad, Roger.)


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A question often put to my brothers and I.

Mum is mum – clarity.

Roger appeared in news times, adventures, story times, verbal & written.

“Yes, but … WHO is Roger?”


mmmm … I guess.

I couldn't call him Roger here but soon it would be Roger or Rodge - "Hey, Rodge!!".

He was “Roger” – never “Dad” – from first spoken words.

“But where is your real dad?”

Eyes roll expressing OMG*!!!


* We did not have use of the acronym (OMG), nor even of the full expression … but the eyes conveyed the meaning effectively.

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