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Ahah!  You’re Roger’s boy?

He’s became locally renowned.

First name sufficient identification,

Celebrity – it makes for myth.

Yes! I’m one of Roger’s boys.

Effusive praise, expert advise (footy)

Uncomfortable silence , sarcasm – or worse.

Change needed, playful and …

Mmmm! He’s Max’s father.


Weeelll! Roger’s Mum’s husband.

Language shift, relationships intact, ownership disrupted.*


* This game of mine sometime caused people to read different meanings into our family relationships. Some made assumptions that I was adopted or that Roger was my step-father.

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Mum’s coming home

Excitement, relief, trepidation

The 6 kids and

Myself hosting my secret tenant (almost)

With 2 busy fathers as guardians

Has been tense and taxing.


She’ll be home

(with gifts – a stack of vinyl for me).


Return to being “us”.


She will know what I’ve been up to!!!


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No.1 Guildford Rd, Kingswood, NSW, Australia.


Distance between neighbours, big skies, dirt road, suburban bush.

The writer in front yard of 1 Guildford Rd

Space for urchins, fun, adventures, injury, trouble, mischief.

Mum, Roge, Me, Steve, then Pete, and then Phil.

What a time we had. Memories for digging. Myths for making. Let’s ride that billycart, bro!

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