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Like Roger is not “Dad”,

His father is not “Grandpa”, “Pop”, or …

Anything, except his name:


Left leg with boot raised 6 inches.

Shuffling, dealing euchre hands,

Made difficult by

Hands gnarled and bent with arthritis.

Weakened, twisted body holding

An alert, agile mind.

Fools not suffered, none here anyway.

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30 minutes South


Fibro house, brick front porch, small.

Geraniums. In terracotta pots.

Camden Nana’s┬áSunday lunch.

Game of euchre – Norm, Roger, Uncle Frank.

There’s much more to Nana & Norm’s.

Backyard at Camden Nana & Norm's L to R: Roger, Mum, Me ... at the rear, Norm's Garden.

The lush vegetable garden at the back.

I wish Norm’s garden was more than the faint wisp of memory.








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