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The old Stafford Street house.

Victorian architecture.

Decades uninhabited, untended.

Appearance supports haunted reputation

Perfect for late night entertainment.

Ouija Board underarm, we enter.

Living (“living dead?”) room.

Circle forms,

Fingertips lightly touch planchette.

Incantation (from someone).

A rattle, pointer moves, … everything moves.


We run, whipping up fear & laughter.



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School breaks, family holidays,

8 Track Cassette of LZ III

Car (towing boat) trip.

Destination: skiing venues – south, west, north.

Friends invited to join holiday

Squeeze in bulging car.

Kid-bulging car on long drives

In-transit entertainment becomes vital.

This trip:

New released album on 8 track.

Played, repeated, again & …

Led Zeppelin III

Hats off to (patient) Roge & Mum.


Friends …

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