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Cool & laid-back takes a back seat.

A compelling need to contribute launches

Sir! Sir!
Hands thrust up, … or not.

Garry, Max what’s got into you today?

Blood pumping, rushing oxygen around – at speed,

Everything awake, alert, charged, hyper-…

Keep moving, keep talking,

Or pressure builds

Our hearts will burst.

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English classes become interesting

Teachers wanting to share

What they see, feel & love

They transport us.

Metaphorically, by their care & passion.

And, literally, by bus, train or car

Anywhere, anytime

To venues, events, theatres,

Anything …

Enlivening texts, engaging us.

Ms Purcell & Mr Young 

Dedicate many private hours

Opening our eyes.

NHS Staff 1970: Ms Purcell is front row, extreme right. Mr Young back row, 7th from left.

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Despite successfully negotiating

Through successive years,

The Nepean High English Department

Maintains its belief that a text is unread

Unless it is read aloud … in class.

Makes sense for Macbeth.

Our first taste of Shakespeare.

Language obscure & unfamiliar

Our voices stumble, stutter.

Helped along by tension, mystery, murder, evil.


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Nepean High, No School Hall

We have a multi-purpose canteen.

Seating shifted to the perimeter,

We know real fun – with relevance – awaits:

The Pride of Erin
Progressive Barn Dance
Canadian Three Step

We dance (hehehe) the circle, stepping

Forward, back, heel, toe.

Partner progresses.


I’d rather be in Skelly’s English class!



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Familiar shrill opens English class,


What’s your book review.”

I gulp, start my answer.

It’s called, 

The Incred …

Stumbling. Try again.

The Incred …

Again, but worse.

I can’t pronounce it, Mrs Skelly!

But it is G.K. Chesterton and it’s something like

The Disbelief of Father Brown



Reddening cheeks. Embarrassed.

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She scares me,

The 1st Form* English teacher.

Thin, bird-like features, beehive hair.

Palpable fear,

Like walking through Magpie territory

In spring.

I know an attack is imminent.
I hope I’m prepared.

Mrs Skelly’s methodology,

Students reading aloud.

Class starts with harsh high-pitched command.



Dutifully I read.


* 1st Form in Secondary School. It s now Year 7. Students are generally turning 13 at this stage.








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