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After Victoria Bridge – Imagining Brabham


Solo drive home.

Highway – westbound.

Over narrow Victoria Bridge into

Sharp curves, left, right,

(Imagining Brabham).

Bump over Emu Plains rail-crossing,

As Old Bathurst Road starts its climb.

Right turn, Wedmore then

Left into Riverside,

Dirt road, dry weather, sweeping turn.

Dirt road, dry surface, sweeping bend, slide, crash.

Oncoming car



First licensed drive, crash.

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Moving …

Across the River

Emu Plain’s northern extreme.

River winds around to meet Blue Mountains

Our new home.

Riverfront & on mountain slope.

On the mountain slopes, banks of the Nepean and land stretching out to the East.


Silent – save bellbirds & ducks.

Dirt bush road.

Solo neighbour.

Looking east, beyond blue metal & gravel quarries,

Flat fertile land stretches away

To distant suburban then urban landscapes.

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