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I couldn’t raise my hand.

Fear, embarrassment?

Doorless dunnies?

Just couldn’t

I waited, wiggled, jiggled until

No longer bearable.

Rush out, down the stairs

Across the quadrangle.

Made it,

Aaahhh! Relief.

Look down.

Arrgggh! Didn’t really make it.

Wash. Looks worse!


No-one ridicules me (Except myself).

Well … not to my face.

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Homing pigeons, popular pastime pet.

The Porter’s* had pigeons.

Reserve St move, we start the hobby,

Breeding homers.

Epic fail.

Talking up our “aviary” at the new school.

Perhaps to impress,

At least seeking acceptance.

“Dropping by” – easy – en route to pool

Big talk easily unveiled.


Lesson: Lessen expectation.


* The Porter’s were at No. 2 Guildford Rd. Gary Porter was our friend. That’s him sitting on the grass at the right of this photo, and that his dog with the black eye – I can’t remember his name.

The backyard at 1 Guildford Rd.
L to R: Stephen, Peter (in stroller), Max, Philip Percy (on drum), Gary Porter, Gary's dog.

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New class, new school.

Class discussion.

How would you improve the zoo?

Hands up!

Stand up.

“Mr Bruce, I think the animals should be allowed to roam.”

In my mind was a move from this ...

to this!!

“Hahaha!! Great, lions & tigers wandering around with people. Hahaha!!”

Class cracks.

Standing. Silently.

Embarrassed. Anger seething.

Tables are turned.

At this school, teachers ridicule students.

A Spooky Extra:

As I was writing Short Memory #85 – Tables turned … a lesson in Karma!!, I was listening to my iTunes on shuffle. And this song shuffled on at the very moment I put a title on the story:

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Class sing along.

ABC radio – folk-tunes.

We start, hand raised.

“Put your hand down Bruce.”

|| :   New song. Hand. “Bruuuce!”   : ||

Repeat until …

Program concludes.

Hand hits air.

“WHAT IS IT, BRUCE!” fortissimo (ff), annoyed.

"What is it, Bruce." That's Bruce in the middle. Bruce "The Goose" Turner.

Bruce, meekly:

“Mr Spence, your fly’s undone, sir.”

Songbook lowers, covers gap,

Mr Spence exits classroom.



* Thanks to Ian Elliott for helping me with this Short Memory. While I have vivid memories of the main elements of this Ian filled in some forgotten detail.

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