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Nervous, tentative,

Feeling small.

New faces, all unsmiling, unsure.

Familiar faces comforting.

Look, there’s one …

“Hi Max.”

Old Penrith Primary colleague,

Peter Herrmann.

Chatting reveals news of my being

Dux of Penrith South.

Peter comments:

“Geez, must’ve been dumb there!!”

No arrogance, no malice.


No harm comes from humble pie!

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The change,

New school, elevated responsibility,

Captaincy confuses loyalties

School loyalty and student loyalty.

Imposed religious duties

Somewhat resisted,

And enforced limiting of distractions,

No TV, no “treehouse gang” (or the like),

The Medal.

In gold letters on shiny maple honours board,

And medal awarded,

1967 Dux.

Gives me choice for high school.

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