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I’m pretty sure it’s Mum & Roge
Who put stuff in our pillowcases.

Me ‘n’ Steve set up our bedroom for Santa visit.

Books on shelves, toys off floor,

Pillowcases hanging off bed-ends.

When does Santa come?
Can we stay up to see him?

He comes with the dunny man at midnight!


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Foreboding stories – night-time tales,

Fearful fun.

One story:

In the dead of night,

He creeps into backyards, never seen, never heard.

He'd creep in at night seek out this treasure and if you're not asleep ...

Black night shrouds his black coat & cap.

He seeks – the metal can,

Encased in wood, hidden in the outhouse.

And …

His real treasure?

Children, still awake

Who silently disappear!!


Foreboding, fearful stories are at their best when simple and stark.

Charles Laughton’s 1955 film – The Night of the Hunter – is full of foreboding. This clip has John Harper telling a story to his little sister Pearl and then …

The haunting hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” is first heard in the movie at this point. It is a menacing echo throughout the film.

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