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It is nearing full-time.

Grand Final.

After leading,

After being the best all season.

We’re 1 point behind.

The 1966 G-grade team. See below* for the names that I can recall and a story from the PRLFC Journal.



My hands go up, props support.

Second-rowers link.

Scrum packs.

I whimper.

Opposition hooker:

“Yeah cry ya big sook, we’re the champions. SUCKED IN!!”

H-grade: Penrith vs Riverstone, Windsor Oval.

Toughen up!!!


* Here’s the names of those in the photograph that I think I can remember (would be grateful if anyone can help me):

Standing (l to r): Mick Harpley; ??; Max Cowan; Paul Bardon; Jon Trevena; Graham Leggett; John Loughnan(?)
Kneeling (l to r): Ian McDonald; Steve Cameron; Kenny Marshall; Greg Mobbs (?); ??; ??.

* The last paragraph in the story below is about the what I have remembered above. I have said H grade above  – though we may well have played G-grade for a couple of years running, I think many of us did. Other interesting points in the story are: Bruce Cameron scoring 4 tries for C-grade (Bruce is from the Cameron’s Bakery family); and a player in the E-grade scoring 2 “spectacular” tries – Des Hasler was his name. And, of course the 2 gentleman pictured … Teddy Cullen & Jim McGoogan are legends in the history of te club.

Page from May 1966 Journal of the Penrith Rugby League Football Club

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