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Dynamo - Lighting the Cyclists Night Rides.


The generator powering the cycle headlight,

powered by the wheel turning, in turn

Driven by extra, EXTRA, pedalling power.

Tuckered out from football training the night cycle home (Jamison Park to Cambridge Park*)

Was hard enough.

But the extra effort to keep the lamplight burning really burnt me out.


* There was always debate about whether Guildford Rd was Kingswood or Cambridge Park. We used Kingswood most of the time and when it suited we used Cambridge Park. It suits here, don’t you think?

All you need is a "little" extra pedal power!! #$%@ that - I can see without it!!

The route home varied but the majority of times one of 2 options:

Jamison Rd, Castelreagh St, Derby St, The Northern Rd, Parker St, Copeland Avenue, Victoria St, Sandringham Ave, Guildford Rd.

The 2nd main option came into play if I was feeling  too scared to ride past the cemetary, then from The Northern Rd, right at Great Western Hwy, until Kingswood Station cross the level crossing onto Richmond Rd, then right at Victoria St.

The 2nd route still had me passing the eastern end of the cemetery but there had been little activity at that end.

The usual route (red) with scaredy cat's detour (blue)

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Pushbikes – back-pedal brakes.

Neighbourhood kids join together to form …

The village peleton.

Touring Kingswood, Werrington, Cambridge Park.

Taking the group into untarred Guildford Rd.

Front wheel hits rock. Wrong angle. Down.

Everyone evaded … except one.

Who rode straight over me.

Dusty tyre tread mark follows the line of the spine.

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