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Overnight spike in population of dopes, daredevils, dummies, and sadists.

Letterboxes detonated, animals blasted, kids injured.

Common dare: holding an exploding twopenny bunger.

An explosive destroyer of letterboxes Рwith a young hand wrapped around  the blast!!!

Bonfire nights – BANNED! No wonder.

My protective friends, The Fates, kept my hands intact.

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Many marbles tournaments were played on the vacant block between the Percy’s & the Noorts*.

A block for neighbourhood events. Like …

Annual bonfire night.

Bonfire celebration of Empire Day ... or was it Guy Fawkes.

Anticipation builds with the pile, piling high.

Weeks of occasional explosions or crackling strings of  crackers, cranks up excitement.

Big night fires up friendships, flames, & fireworks.

Notes & Extras:

* Of course there were more vacant lots than lots with houses. This one was at 26 Guildford Rd, it was cleared and was a commonly used thoroughfare, short cut. Even today there is a path through there.

* Now, speaking of fire, I could not resist The Crazy World of Arthur Brown,

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