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Natural … Umm … Aahh … mmm ..


Triggers punishments.

Simple reflex punishments or

Conscious, considered acts prefaced by

“This is gonna hurt me, more than it will you.”

Bare hand on bare bum.

Calves rapped by wooden spoon or iron cord.

Iron & Iron Cord - aka: Disciplinary Device

Always stings, tho’ no deeper than skin.

Love cushions hearts ‘n’ minds.


No punishment happens in a vacuum. Corporal punishment has been the subject of study and debate for some time. It may well be that the family environment itself is a greater determinant of long term problems than the punishment program. In any case, in those days, there was little access to studies, learnings or debate he effects of corporal punishment.

The overwhelming sense then, was that wrong-doing earned a wack!!

Whatever the case, through my eyes, we were immersed in an environment where we felt wanted and loved. Any pain generated by any corporal punishment ended when the tears ended … or after a sleep … or when I realised that running away was far more foreboding.

Now, whether I learned any lessons from the punishment is highly debatable.

For the oldest – moi – punishment is somewhat experimental. I suspect the punisher learns more real lessons than the punished. And so, good parents modify the punishment regime according to the lessons they learn.

Younger brothers should thank the oldest brother for the lessons he taught to parents about corporal punishment. 

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Senior high school. Afternoon was sport.

Lunchtime stroll across sporting fields to station.

First stop in the escape - Emu Plains Station - 1 stop East to Penrith then walk 2km south to home

No sport that day.

Someone spotted the “escape”.

Cane stings tips of fingers.

Senior truancy – like the infant accidental truancy – another failure.

I thought seniors had latitude – maybe 6 cuts to Max was more satisfying than giving latitude.

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