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The collection of #1 singles 

Is growing.

The Beatles, catalyst for starting this

Dominate the collection,

8 singles already.

Starting with

“We Can Work It Out.”

Only 15 months after our collection kicks off.

The Beatles hit the top again with Penny Lane

And the flip side: Strawberry Fields Forever.

There’s been a shift.







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We’re rigged up,

Nets, storage boards, pins, death bottles, cyanide.

Identification books.

All that is needed for the great hunt.

A family of lepidopterists.

Through all types of terrains, weather,

Geographies & ecologies.

On the hunt for rare & beautiful, colourful specimens.

Butterflies, moths – mainly.

Beetles, other insects.

Cowans, nets flailing.

Hunters, Collectors.


I have no idea why, but this song reminds me of our butterfly adventures.

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Pop magazine.


Every week published a Top 40’s Chart.

A collection to build.

We should collect every No 1 single.
It is a slice of

And so begins the next collection.

Great songs & trash, it doesn’t matter.

Just needs to be #1 and it’s in

The Cowan #1 Singles Collection.


* Here’s one of the number ones that was in the collection. This was the #1 single for 5 weeks in early March 1967.



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A Primary School fad – marbles – ringers, follow-the-leader, castles, 9-holes.

Everywhere – at home, at school – the competition was on.

The champs of Guildford Rd – arguably, the whole of Penrith – Team Percy & Cowan

The collection grew – 100’s, and grew – 1,000’s

Eventually over 20,000.

Luckily Bram’s glass-eye didn’t drop into marble box.*

Notes & Extras

* Don’t know about the glass eye? See Short Memory No. 7 – A Scary Eyeful.

Some advice about playing marbles …

Here’s an excerpt from “How to play Ringers.” Click here (or the image) to go to How to play Marbles for the rest of the rules and rules of other games (mind you some of them have different names.).

The big play … knocking out your opponents “Taw”.

FIG. 7: child No.2 chooses to try for No. 1 child’s shooter and knocks it out of ring, winning all the marbles No.1 has taken and putting No.1 out of that game. Or he could shoot as shown in Fig. 8.

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