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Challenge out, news spreads, the crowd gathers behind church.


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Baying for action – if not blood.

My opponent – a name forgotten.

Shaped up in classic Queensbury,

Then rolled around in not-so-classic Greco-Roman.

Home with ripped shirt, dirt smears, blood stains (his).

Badges of honour? courage? skill? … or waywardness?

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The rear of this church - the venue for occasional after-school sport.

The little church.

At the rear a patch of land, fenced in.

A great venue for after school activities.

Play? Games?

A natural arena, hidden away.

Perfect for serious, unsanctioned, unsupervised after-school activities.

Competitive activities.

Mmmmm … Combatative activities.

Bare hands clinched. Fists.

Rules never written, but well known and …

Always abided.

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