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Norm’s in his chair,

Facing B&W TV screen.

Cricket Test MCG – viewing compelling.

Fan facing him cools.

Our heat escape,

Short trip south to Menangle

Nepean River bend, perfect swimspot.

One bank:  beach & paddling shallows,

The other:  deep water, steep cliff, overhanging tree (with rope).

Safe(?) diving, jumping, swinging.

Brothers & cousins frolic.


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I’m pretty sure it’s Mum & Roge
Who put stuff in our pillowcases.

Me ‘n’ Steve set up our bedroom for Santa visit.

Books on shelves, toys off floor,

Pillowcases hanging off bed-ends.

When does Santa come?
Can we stay up to see him?

He comes with the dunny man at midnight!


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We journey east

The Season in the City

Joyous, colourful,

Stories unfolding magically

In department store windows.

Magical stories unfold in shopfront wondows

Magical stories unfold in shopfront windows

Christmas pedestrian traffic

Hazardous for tots.

To the park & the Archibald Fountain.

So many people, all so tall.

I’m lost in this forest.

Through moving limbs

I spy Roger heading my way.


Through the moving limbs of suited men I spied Roger coming along this path

Through the moving limbs of suited men I spied Roger coming along this path






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Anticipation fires up impatience.

Every passing day urgency intensifies.

Four brothers alone

While parents on social trail

And the hunt is on …

Christmas presents? Where? What?

Through cupboards, wardrobes,

Between clothes, in drawers.

Standing on chairs, crawling under beds.

We love the hunt,

Secretly hope for failure.

Don’t spoil Christmas.

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“… and this is for you Max.”


Five On A Treasure Island.

“Oh! Wow! I have been dying to read this!”

Enthusiastic gratitude.

I lied.

I have all Famous Five books.

Mum knew …

Gift-giver soooo happy.

The real gift: bubbling appreciation & beaming smile.

Lies. (Disappointment hidden)

Unlike previous lying times,

Parents proud.

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