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At first a battle of wills

Novice parent versus wilful child

History transforms post-war gratitude

Into anti-war anger

Generation gaps becomes personal.

Paths set to political differences.

My capitalism finances your socialism.

Framed in paradigms, caricatures and “isms”.

Lifetimes of fun, fights & insights,

Finally revelations, understanding:

Roger’s a legend.*


* My involvement in the restructuring of Panthers in 1991 provided a major insight into Roger, helped reveal fundamental errors in my thinking.  The restructure  was taking a traditional organisational management pyramid completely dismantling it and rebuilding it as an organisation driven by a network of self-directed teams. A daring, radical, innovative move that gave practical life to a belief that organisational health is dependent on building: structures that distribute power away from individuals; cultures that allow individuals to grow, create & flourish (to be individual); and the tools to give people leverage.

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Our team’s [Penrith Waratahs] dominance

Continues in under 16’s,

Despite a more casual approach

In increasingly serious game.

Footy is no longer the driver.

Footballers replaced as paragons by
.     Performers – often anathema to football culture

Energy, once reserved for footy, diluted by
.     Compelling new adventures for teenage boys:
.     Girls, Grog, Grass

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We are young,

Immersed in a vortex of

Times a-changing.

Student riots, Freedom Marches,

Anti-war protests, Summers of Love,

Sexual revolutions, feminism.

Swept up, we join  …

Fight against gender stereotypes.

Elective subjects attacked:

Boys don aprons of domestic science,

Girls wield  hammers in metalwork.

Political or prank?

Or political prank?


* An earlier (1965) song often cited as being an expression of the era is The Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire. There were many songs – and many much better songs.  Here it is … introduced by Jerry Lewis.


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Year end 1963.

Infants “big kids” gathered. In pairs.

Girl with boy!!!

Visible grimace, audible grumble.

Secret, silent wish: Let Carolyn* be my partner!

Hands held, we followed, straggled – 60 of us – the path to Primary.

The Path to Primary School** - In pairs , hand in hand.

Big kids,little school becoming little kids … again.

Orientation. We were ready – feeling big but a little smaller.


* Carolyn – that is Carolyn Bootle – wasn’t my partner for the journey.

** The map is from 2011. In 1963 High St was still the Great Western Highway, Henry St was not the major road it looks here, there were no roundabouts, and the labelling “Penrith High School” is not in the right spot (even today it is not right.)

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