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Nepean High, No School Hall

We have a multi-purpose canteen.

Seating shifted to the perimeter,

We know real fun – with relevance – awaits:

The Pride of Erin
Progressive Barn Dance
Canadian Three Step

We dance (hehehe) the circle, stepping

Forward, back, heel, toe.

Partner progresses.


I’d rather be in Skelly’s English class!



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School canteen, full of students.

Queuing, sitting, eating,

Chatting, laughing.

I’m seated near the entrance when …

Hell breaks loose!!

Commotion, screams, panic,

I dash, look back.

A cocktail of effluence,

Is spraying across induced chaos.

Garden hose connected to sewerage.

Releases Brownian motion in student body.

Illustrative science?

Innovative boys!

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